Mama’s Baked - Clementine Cupcakes

I love baking, my previous now extinct blog was heavily centred around my love of baking and being in the kitchen. I didn’t really bake whilst pregnant mainly because I really went off all things cake like - I know pregnancy is a time to eat all this stuff but my cravings were all for fruit - urgh!  

Anyway in the last couple of weeks I have got back into baking. It has always been a dream of mine to be that mother who has cute little chubby kids - god help my future grandkids!!! And before the food police kick off, I know there is more to feed kids than cake!!  But if there’s a choice always pick cake!!

Right, back to the good stuff, to get in the festive spirit I took a trip down to my local wonderful fruit and veg man and picked myself some leafy Clementines. What is more festive ???

You will need

80g butter

280g caster sugar

240g plain flour  

1tbs baking powder

pinch of salt

240ml milk (I use whole milk) 

2 eggs  

1tbs vanilla extract

3 clementines juiced

zest of 1 clementine chopped finely


In a mixer add the butter, flour, sugar, baking powder and salt and mix until semi combined. Then in a separate jug whisk the eggs milk and vanilla. Once thoroughly combined add to the dry ingredients and continue to whisk until combined.  

Then add the clementine juice and zest and combine by hand.  

Scoop into the cutest cupcake or muffin cases you can find. I use an ice cream scoop because it makes me feel professional - you know!  

Pop into the oven at 180 degrees for 22-25 mins depending on your oven. When a Skewer comes out clean your cakes can be put to one side to cool!  

Now for the icing, I used the juice of 2 clementines and added icing sugar until a smooth, thick consistency is formed, just add more juice or icing sugar as needed.  Make sure you sieve the final product to get rid of lumps ... unless you like them! 

Once your cakes are cool, pour over the icing and leave (if you can) to set.  


There you have it, my first round of festive baking ... I made 12, my husband ate 9 of them! So they are kinda good to eat!