Great Apps for parents

On some levels parenting in 2017 must be so much easier than when I was born (80s baby right here!) Now stay with me, what I mean by that sweeping statement is that with the inter web, social media and celebrity mothers and bloggers, we now have so much more available at our finger tips.  

With a few taps of a keyboard we can find the answer to any question about pregnancy, labour, birth, babies and children. There are all sorts of social medias to follow and apps to download, that we have a wealth of information at our finger tips. I downloaded no end of apps during my pregnancy and now I am with baby, they help me through my daily questions and that is soooo much easier than having to run to the library but I will admit, they definitely still play second fiddle to me asking my mum... I mean that’s a given! 

‭Here are some of the apps I used from pregnancy to now. 


 Pregnancy + 

I downloaded this free app pretty much as soon as I found out I was pregnant. You fill in your information and it gives you an estimated due date. Obviously this isn’t going to be accurate or taken as the date you will have your baby. That will all get confirmed, or as close as can be, at the 12 week scan. My due date was actually pushed back but it gave me an idea of what I was working with. I liked this app because it provided daily information and links to blog posts about certain things during pregnancy. It was rather informative actually, geared more for the first timers like me I would say. But it also gave updates or baby’s progress, growth was compared to fruit and veg and weekly updates of what was happening inside and how baby was developing. I enjoyed this app, I liked the updates, especially the really big ones and I felt like I was learning more. My brothers would ask what fruit or veg the baby was when I would see them, not scientific in the slightest but I loved the thought of the journey from poppy seed to melon. Obviously all medical advise should be gained and checked with your midwife / GP. 


Contraction Timer: Labour timer 

Now I downloaded this app on a whim about half an hour after my waters broke because I knew that I wouldn’t be in the mood to write anything down or remember it. It worked pretty well and was super easy to use, which when in the midst of a contraction is great. You simply hit the button at the beginning of a contraction and then again at the end. The app then logs the length of the contraction as well as the time in between each contraction. It lists all information simply for you and mama only had two taps to make. Easy peasy! It was super useful in helping me decide when to call the hospital and great for my husband to relay my contraction info! Pretty much fool proof! And when I got to the hospital I could just give my phone to my midwife, let’s face it who can talk and think during a contraction??? 



I downloaded this free social networking app around a month after giving birth. It is an app for mums by mums. You basically put in a bit of information about you and your children and it connects you with local and similar mums. For me this was great as I live a long way from family and friends and it gave me chance to connect with other local mums in similar circumstances to me. It is a great place to meet with local mamas and find out more from them about what goes on for mothers and babies in your area. I found out about so many extra groups, classes and events through the app just my messaging other mums.  

The app is great because it really made me more confident in contacting other mums and arranging play dates and coffee dates. Mainly because it allows to you find people similar to you and how you parent and spend your time. A great app!  



Whilst MUSH is all for the mamas, HOOP is about the kids.  It provides information all kids groups, acitivities and events in your area. Taylor the information to your child’s age and you will only see age appropriate information. I’m particularly liking all of the festive events in my area going on! You’ll never have an excuse for not knowing what to do with your time now. 


Baby Story 

Probably one of my favourite apps, mainly because it is a creative playful app to jazz up all your pictures from pregnancy to baby. You upload a picture to the app and pick from the many different ‘stickers’. From charting your pregnancy by week or month to documenting baby’s milestones, firsts and everything in between. You can add texts, pictures, colour and filters. Perfect when you want to text or message a picture of baby with a special message. The app is free but not all of the packs are free. I do love it, I send weekly and daily updates to my family of P so jazzing them up makes the picture a little more special. Altered pictures are then saved to your photos.  



This is another app I am in love with. A clothing app, chocka full of baby clothes, clothes for mama and some homeware goods based in the US. But it is the baby clothes I am loving. I found this app through Instagram, via one of those sponsored things that come up in your feed. I fell in love with the clothes but more so the prices! Some really great and unique outfit on the site. Within 40 minutes of having the app, I had already made my first purchase. I will have a post coming up soon showing you what I have been buying, so stay tuned, you’ll want to seen!  


So there you have it, some of the apps I have used and am currently using, as I continue my baby journey. What apps are you using, let me know what is good, especially if it is to do with baby clothes.  This was the first little outfit I bought from PATPAT. Not an ad just anlitrle gem I think you might like!