Mama Hacks

My first three months of motherhood have been a whirl wind of emotions, tears, laughs, snuggles, sleepless nights and dirty nappies. And I have adored every minute of it!!! 

Being a first time mama my learning curb was steep. My husband and I were learning everything from the bottom up ... quite literally. Trial and error was the order of the day for the first few weeks as we got to know our new tiny human. We survived on 5 minute power naps, cold tea and lengthy cuddles with our precious girl. We quickly learnt to implement time and energy saving tricks to help us along the way.

 Tea & Coffee in advance

Two massive staples to the sleep poor of the world, we got so fed up of drinking stone cold tea and coffee, we just had to figure something out. Every morning we’d brew a pot of tea and coffee (separately of course) and put it straight in a flask or travel cup. It stayed warm longer and we only have to do this twice a day! Simple yet genius! When baby was having a nap, no need to put on a noisy kettle (downsides of open plan living) and waking the baby - just undo the flask and hey presto hot tea for two!!  


Multiple changing stations  

When planning everything for baby, pre arrival, I ensured the changing table in her room was stocked to high heaven with everything required to change a baby! I had naive and wonderful thoughts of serenely carrying my child upstairs each time a change of nappy was required. Ha! I was stupid! This was probably my most ridiculous thought. For the first few weeks I could hardly walk, let alone negotiate stairs 50 times a day carrying a screaming newborn. I sent the hubby out to find a beautiful box (of course it has to look pretty!) and a second changing mat and this become my downstairs changing station. The box and mat downstairs were portable so could go wherever we were, saving numerous trips upstairs.  


 Bottle boxes

I found that my beautiful baby took over every room in my house and my kitchen was no exception! From the steriliser, to milk prep machine and the endless supply of bottles, my kitchen was hit hard my hurricane baby. I needed organisation back in my life. Now, I have a system, bottles currently being used go into a blue basket once cleaned ready to be used. Clean dummy’s are held in a ceramic jar and all bottles no longer needed are placed in a blue lidded box, awaiting use again for baby number two, possibly, maybe, hopefully. Everything now has order and a place and I am calm and centred once more. And most importantly everything is in one place! 

Milk prep machine  

When breast feeding was no longer an option for me, we made the painful decision to move to exclusively bottle feeding baby. Now the process of boiling the water adding powder, letting it cool was long and tedious and no good for parents or baby! It just too long! We were then told about the Tommee Tippee Prep machine... GAME. CHANGER!!! 

Milk is safely made in minutes and when baby is screaming or it’s 2am, minutes matter. Easily one of the best things I have bought!!! I wouldn’t be without it, Milk made in no time! Winner! 

 Baby bathroom caddy 

I am someone that loves order and tidiness. Everything should have a place and when not being used, live in it. Having organised all of baby’s bottle equipment in the kitchen I needed the same order in the bathroom. Let’s face it when you are bathing baby you want everything at your finger tips, especially if you are working solo. I didn’t want her things being muddled in with ours, so I got a handy little caddy to keep everything in. I can store all her soaps, lotions and potions, her sponges, toys and jug for rinsing. Everything all in one place and easily accessible for our bath time antics. May sound stupidly simply but it serves its purpose and once again my bathroom maintains some order!  

So these are some of my mama hacks, the little things that help keep some order in the house and sanity in my mind, because let’s face it hurricane baby hits every part of your house. These little things helped me to feel in control, that I ‘had this’ which was important for me as a first time anxious mum, who is very much like Monica from friends when it comes to tidiness and order! 

What are your best mama hacks, what am I missing that I need to put in place?