Small brand shoutout - Lottie & Lysh

Since becoming a mama, I have been obessed, OBSESSED with baby clothes! I just love them and I’ve brought so many items for P. She is definitely one lucky girl! I love finding new small unique brands to buy from, mainly because I love supporting small businesses but I love the uniqueness of the clothes. Where I can help it I don’t want to dress her in the same as everyone else. Snobby, I don’t think so; individual, yes!

Instagram is a GREAT place to find new small brands to add to your arsenal. And it was on Instagram that I stumbled across Lottie & Lysh, (@lottieandlysh) makers of baby clothing and a small, unique business.

What I loved instantly about Lottie & Lysh aside from everything being handmade was the fabrics. I loved them. For my first purchases, (no doubt I will be back very soon) I bought two pairs of leggings and a skirt. I actually bought a size up for P, as she has so many 3-6 months clothes and I couldn’t resist these fabrics, so it will be a little while before she can wear them but alas, good things come to those to buy early... I mean wait!


Packaging was great too, I am keen on packaging as it shows people care from start to finish. And how cute is that thank you sticker! 


First up some simple white leggings with black polka dots. Possibly a boring choice compared to some of the wonderful prints Lottie and Lysh have but I think not! I love polka dots they are awesome and always in fashion. These will be great will a block coloured top! Sometimes simple is the best! 


Next up more leggings. Multi-coloured almost gyametric print. I love a bright pattern and on a solid white base a block coloured top would again go amazingly with these. The fabric on both leggings is soft, with a bit of elastic in there to help get onto a wiggly child and I love the ankle cuffs!  


I love the print! If this was in my size I would buy it in a nano second! I think the pattern and the colours are just wonderful and I am so envious of P for having this skirt! Again so tights and a little jumper would go a treat with this skirt! Love, love, love it!!  


Everything is handmade to order, so obviously there is a little wait but mine came in just under two weeks, which really is no time at all for three handmade pieces!  

I would definitely order from Lottie and Lysh again, so unique in their fabric choices and a great quality product. There are going to be many a fancy babies out there!! I can’t wait to put P into them, tried although already and they are just too big, downsides of ordering a size bigger!