Baby sleeping hack: My Hummy

I discovered this gem of a sleeping aid via Facebook, not sure how it came about but I am oh so glad it did! 

My gorgeous baby, is a gift but her sleeping patterns were the stuff of nightmares. She would sleep for no more than 90minutes at a time at night and even less during the day. She had to be held to fall asleep and there could be absolutely NO.NOISE! Even a sneeze would wake her and we would be back to square one.  

On a whim, after reading the many positive reviews on Facebook, I decided to give it a go and buy one. I decided on the Snoozy in white and within three days it had arrived. Essentially, MyHummy is a white noise machine, five different white noises to choose from and volume adjustable. The device is inside the teddy and can be removed so the teddy can be cleaned. 

The teddy itself is super cute (well the snoozy is!) and comes in a variety of colours too. It is really soft and not overly big so sits nicely inside P’s snoozepod. Battery operated, the box goes inside the teddy and is zipped in.  

There are five noise options to choose from, rainfall, vaccum, waves, hairdryer and aminotic fluid with heart beat. When we first got the MyHummy, P was only about five weeks old and we thought the aminotic fluid with heartbeat would be the best. It took a few days for P to get used to it and for her it was around day four before we were seeing significant changes to her sleep. After about a week we had made only a little progress. I was actually devestated, after reading how it worked for everyone else, I really did feel let down, (sleep deprivation and a bit of the post baby heightened emotions accounted for my dramatic reaction to a teddy failing me!) Not one to be beaten and probably more to calm me down my husband suggested we try another sound, so we did. Now I don’t know which we have picked, I think it’s the vaccum but to us it sounds like a stationery car engine. And that first night, betcha-by-golly-wow it worked!!! Our little P slept from 9.30pm to 4.15am! I did not however as I kept waking wondering why she wasn’t making any noise, but me being silly aside... it worked. We were cautiously optimistic and prayed that the following night would be a repeat performance and it was!! And it has been great since and now she is three months and sleeps between 10 and 6!! Obviously we had some nights where not even bribing her with £100 will get her to sleep. But on the whole the MyHummy soothes her and really does help her sleep. 



What I love most about the MyHummy is that the noise will taper off but when it senses movement or noise coming from P, then it kicks back into life; which is awesome and so very clever! It is a beautiful bear and for me, so worth the money. It was a little trial and error in the beginning but once we found what worked for P, we ran with it and have been for a while.  

I have recommended MyHummy to a lot of my friends who are new parents and a couple who have toddlers who are not sleeping; all with positive feedback to me. I would say don’t expect it to work on night one, like I did, just given it time and see what works for you and your baby.  

It kinda helps me sleep too, so it’s a winner all around.